Why go on holiday?

Holidays are the best opportunity to rest, relax and regain strength. It is also the right time to go and discover unknown places, so go sightseeing. What benefits will you gain from sightseeing during your holiday? This article tells you more about it.

What is tourism?

Tourism is a leisure activity that involves going on a visit to discover the unknown and the elsewhere. Scientists define it as a pastime freely chosen by a person to satisfy his or her well-being, as it does not involve the pursuit of income. It is usually associated with games and partying which are the main tourist attractions all over the world.

Tourism allied to human health

Leisure occupies an important place in terms of a person’s health and well-being. People live their lives better by engaging in leisure activities at times. On the psychological level, leisure contributes to a calming of the mind and a reduction in stress. Tourism helps to increase social behaviour in humans, such as acceptance of others, strengthen their self-image and improve their knowledge of others and the world.

A change from everyday life

Tourism is most often practised during long holidays or micro-holidays depending on people’s availability. During this period, going on a tour is the ideal solution for a change of habit. The usual stresses of everyday life fade away for relaxation, calm and happiness.


It is good for the soul and the mind. The body also benefits in that it breathes new air, observes beautiful places, and releases positive energy, etc. Gastronomy is also an important part of tourism. This state of happiness is very beneficial to health. Without doing tourism, you cannot find or get new civilisation or new languages. So, it is very important to go to visit other countries or cities.