Tourism at Home

Tourism is about getting to know unknown places, histories and cultures. Most people do not know their city, let alone their country. So why travel outside the borders of our home area for tourism. In this article, discover the staycation concept.

What is tourism close to home?

The concept of Stayaction was born in the United States in 2008. It consists of organising a real holiday, including walks, restaurant outings, festivals, etc. in the city where you live. Staying at home for holidays and sightseeing is a personal choice; a tourism trend. It is a new form of holiday that is gradually becoming more democratic. It allows those who practise this local tourism to take a new look at their surroundings. A change of scenery and exoticism can be found on the corners of the streets you walk down every day.

The Benefits of Stayaction

First of all, playing tourist at home is a good way to spend less: travel costs, accommodation costs (if you sleep at home) and travel costs. This way you can reduce your holiday budget. As a reward, you escape the daily traffic jams, the stresses of everyday life, because for you it is the holidays. In France, the home tourism project is booming and as a resident of the city, you benefit from certain discounts in restaurants, leisure centres, etc. These are savings that you make. Also, after this experience, you can boast of knowing the city like the back of your hand.

Tips for undertaking home-based tourism

Take a curious look at your city, learning about the sites, tours, and events to see there. You need to budget to indulge yourself, taking into account restaurants, sightseeing, bars…Act as if you were a foreigner in your city, looking for novelties and through unusual outings.