South Africa: a good tourist destination

Tourism is a thriving business in Africa. The continent is full of places you can visit during your holiday. The current destination to enjoy the best landscapes in the world is South Africa. Why not opt for a tour of the country’s wilderness areas to experience the local cultures and animals? This article sheds light on the best choice to make. Abstract of South Africa As Africa’s second-largest economy, South Africa is a country with a wealth of tourism potential. It has unparallel... Read

Why go on holiday?

Holidays are the best opportunity to rest, relax and regain strength. It is also the right time to go and discover unknown places, so go sightseeing. What benefits will you gain from sightseeing during your holiday? This article tells you more about it. What is tourism? Tourism is a leisure activity that involves going on a visit to discover the unknown and the elsewhere. Scientists define it as a pastime freely chosen by a person to satisfy his or her well-being, as it does not involve the purs... Read

Dubai: the city of a thousand tourist wonders

Ah Dubai, the most spectacular city in the world opens its doors to all those who love discovery, games and beautiful adventures. Want to go sightseeing in Dubai? Read this article to know the best things to do in this city to have a great stay. Preparing for your stay in Dubai One of the things to know before you make your trip to this country is the difference in culture. In this city the Arabic language is dominant. The religious denomination is Islam, so the law of the land prohibits the con... Read

A tour on the trail of gastronomic tourism

Travelling to eat: this is the concept of gastronomic tourism. The quest for stories, knowledge and new sensations, leads gourmet travellers to travel the world to sample culinary recipes and cultures. As a tourist, this form of travel is also a way to discover the world and its regions. This article introduces the topic of gastronomic tourism. Gastronomic tourism: what is it? Gastronomic tourism is a trip undertaken to discover the gastronomic or culinary wealth of a country or region. It inclu... Read

Tourism at Home

Tourism is about getting to know unknown places, histories and cultures. Most people do not know their city, let alone their country. So why travel outside the borders of our home area for tourism. In this article, discover the staycation concept. What is tourism close to home? The concept of Stayaction was born in the United States in 2008. It consists of organising a real holiday, including walks, restaurant outings, festivals, etc. in the city where you live. Staying at home for holidays and... Read