Dubai: the city of a thousand tourist wonders

Ah Dubai, the most spectacular city in the world opens its doors to all those who love discovery, games and beautiful adventures. Want to go sightseeing in Dubai? Read this article to know the best things to do in this city to have a great stay.

Preparing for your stay in Dubai

One of the things to know before you make your trip to this country is the difference in culture. In this city the Arabic language is dominant. The religious denomination is Islam, so the law of the land prohibits the consumption of alcohol and public displays of affection. Women and men must keep their shoulders covered with clothing.
It is also important to check the weather forecast to plan your trip at the right time. Between May and September the heat rises. If you are not a fan of hot weather then adjust the trip to the right period. In Dubai you will get your money’s worth in terms of leisure and entertainment. Similarly for accommodation, the city is full of luxury hotels and affordable hotels for the modest. Think about booking the room and entertainment in advance.

What entertainment in Dubai?

Yep! Opt for a helicopter ride over Dubai, to appreciate all the wonders. At night you will appreciate the lights and water fountains on the rivers even more. A view from the sky would be more suitable.

Tour the desert by camels

Enjoy an early morning desert ride on the back of a camel or with a squad or inside a car. Choose as you please. The desert is a cult activity in Dubai.
This leisure activity will give you great happiness. Admire the most wonderful water jets in Dubai, while drinking tea in a café near the fountains. Also take a tour of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall