A tour on the trail of gastronomic tourism

Travelling to eat: this is the concept of gastronomic tourism. The quest for stories, knowledge and new sensations, leads gourmet travellers to travel the world to sample culinary recipes and cultures. As a tourist, this form of travel is also a way to discover the world and its regions. This article introduces the topic of gastronomic tourism.

Gastronomic tourism: what is it?

Gastronomic tourism is a trip undertaken to discover the gastronomic or culinary wealth of a country or region. It includes activities such as tasting local dishes, visits, purchases (cooking utensils, rare ingredients, etc.), courses or walks. The culinary journey also offers the opportunity to discover stories, cultures, culinary methods, and exquisite meals.
Often, food travellers love themed meals: i.e. with a history or a specificity. They enjoy the typical meals of the region or country as they are prepared. Gastronomic tourism not only awakens the taste buds, but also involves the other senses. These include local atmospheres, euphoria and special practices.

Other highlights of food tourism

There is also the pleasure of discovering and, above all, learning to make new preparations. The gourmet traveller can thus perceive the secrets of the recipes; this allows him to improve his culinary know-how and/or expertise. Cooking classes are a quick way to learn.
Gastronomic tourism is also about show cooking: these are shown in which chefs or talented cooks demonstrate their culinary specialities. They show the audience their mastery of the kitchen.
This form of tourism can be practised in restaurants (of any type), fast food outlets, local markets, gastronomy fairs, in the countryside, etc. In Benin there are too many styles of cooking, so delicious. We can talk about cassava, beans, rice, paste. Those things of gastronomy in Benin are very liked by tourists and others