South Africa: a good tourist destination

Tourism is a thriving business in Africa. The continent is full of places you can visit during your holiday. The current destination to enjoy the best landscapes in the world is South Africa. Why not opt for a tour of the country's wilderness areas to experience the local cultures and animals? This article sheds light on the best choice to make.

Abstract of South Africa

As Africa's second-largest economy, South Africa is a country with a wealth of tourism potential. It has unparallelled biodiversity in terms of landscape, lush flora and fauna. Get more information on this website.

Tourism Observations

The contrast between urban and rural environments is still noticeable, as the landscape has not been altered by the onslaught of modernisation. If you spend a holiday in this country, you will be able to admire the landscape, the animals and much more.

Land and Sea

The Wild Coast in Africa is an area that runs along the coast of South Africa for 250 km. It runs through the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal provinces. The main characteristic of this area is its extreme biodiversity. It comprises a total of 5 nature reserves. Enjoy the Atlantic Ocean in the west of the country and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean in the east.


In South Africa, wildlife is seen, especially mammals. The three largest land mammals namely the African elephant, the white rhino and the hippo, are found in the nature reserves. Giraffe, cheetah and pygmy shrews can also be seen from the air.
Nearly 800 species of birds, including ostrich and Kori bustard, are preserved in the country's wilderness areas. Note that for any type of tourism, you can think of this beautiful country of the African continent. You can see the five big and the mammals with the same characteristics and charm, so try it and you will not be disappointed.

Why go on holiday?

Holidays are the best opportunity to rest, relax and regain strength. It is also the right time to go and discover unknown places, so go sightseeing. What benefits will you gain from sightseeing during your holiday? This article tells you more about it.

What is tourism?

Tourism is a leisure activity that involves going on a visit to discover the unknown and the elsewhere. Scientists define it as a pastime freely chosen by a person to satisfy his or her well-being, as it does not involve the pursuit of income. It is usually associated with games and partying which are the main tourist attractions all over the world.

Tourism allied to human health

Leisure occupies an important place in terms of a person's health and well-being. People live their lives better by engaging in leisure activities at times. On the psychological level, leisure contributes to a calming of the mind and a reduction in stress. Tourism helps to increase social behaviour in humans, such as acceptance of others, strengthen their self-image and improve their knowledge of others and the world.

A change from everyday life

Tourism is most often practised during long holidays or micro-holidays depending on people's availability. During this period, going on a tour is the ideal solution for a change of habit. The usual stresses of everyday life fade away for relaxation, calm and happiness.


It is good for the soul and the mind. The body also benefits in that it breathes new air, observes beautiful places, and releases positive energy, etc. Gastronomy is also an important part of tourism. This state of happiness is very beneficial to health. Without doing tourism, you cannot find or get new civilisation or new languages. So, it is very important to go to visit other countries or cities.

Dubai: the city of a thousand tourist wonders

Ah Dubai, the most spectacular city in the world opens its doors to all those who love discovery, games and beautiful adventures. Want to go sightseeing in Dubai? Read this article to know the best things to do in this city to have a great stay.

Preparing for your stay in Dubai

One of the things to know before you make your trip to this country is the difference in culture. In this city the Arabic language is dominant. The religious denomination is Islam, so the law of the land prohibits the consumption of alcohol and public displays of affection. Women and men must keep their shoulders covered with clothing.
It is also important to check the weather forecast to plan your trip at the right time. Between May and September the heat rises. If you are not a fan of hot weather then adjust the trip to the right period. In Dubai you will get your money's worth in terms of leisure and entertainment. Similarly for accommodation, the city is full of luxury hotels and affordable hotels for the modest. Think about booking the room and entertainment in advance.

What entertainment in Dubai?

Yep! Opt for a helicopter ride over Dubai, to appreciate all the wonders. At night you will appreciate the lights and water fountains on the rivers even more. A view from the sky would be more suitable.

Tour the desert by camels

Enjoy an early morning desert ride on the back of a camel or with a squad or inside a car. Choose as you please. The desert is a cult activity in Dubai.
This leisure activity will give you great happiness. Admire the most wonderful water jets in Dubai, while drinking tea in a café near the fountains. Also take a tour of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall

A tour on the trail of gastronomic tourism

Travelling to eat: this is the concept of gastronomic tourism. The quest for stories, knowledge and new sensations, leads gourmet travellers to travel the world to sample culinary recipes and cultures. As a tourist, this form of travel is also a way to discover the world and its regions. This article introduces the topic of gastronomic tourism.

Gastronomic tourism: what is it?

Gastronomic tourism is a trip undertaken to discover the gastronomic or culinary wealth of a country or region. It includes activities such as tasting local dishes, visits, purchases (cooking utensils, rare ingredients, etc.), courses or walks. The culinary journey also offers the opportunity to discover stories, cultures, culinary methods, and exquisite meals.
Often, food travellers love themed meals: i.e. with a history or a specificity. They enjoy the typical meals of the region or country as they are prepared. Gastronomic tourism not only awakens the taste buds, but also involves the other senses. These include local atmospheres, euphoria and special practices.

Other highlights of food tourism

There is also the pleasure of discovering and, above all, learning to make new preparations. The gourmet traveller can thus perceive the secrets of the recipes; this allows him to improve his culinary know-how and/or expertise. Cooking classes are a quick way to learn.
Gastronomic tourism is also about show cooking: these are shown in which chefs or talented cooks demonstrate their culinary specialities. They show the audience their mastery of the kitchen.
This form of tourism can be practised in restaurants (of any type), fast food outlets, local markets, gastronomy fairs, in the countryside, etc. In Benin there are too many styles of cooking, so delicious. We can talk about cassava, beans, rice, paste. Those things of gastronomy in Benin are very liked by tourists and others

Tourism at Home

Tourism is about getting to know unknown places, histories and cultures. Most people do not know their city, let alone their country. So why travel outside the borders of our home area for tourism. In this article, discover the staycation concept.

What is tourism close to home?

The concept of Stayaction was born in the United States in 2008. It consists of organising a real holiday, including walks, restaurant outings, festivals, etc. in the city where you live. Staying at home for holidays and sightseeing is a personal choice; a tourism trend. It is a new form of holiday that is gradually becoming more democratic. It allows those who practise this local tourism to take a new look at their surroundings. A change of scenery and exoticism can be found on the corners of the streets you walk down every day.

The Benefits of Stayaction

First of all, playing tourist at home is a good way to spend less: travel costs, accommodation costs (if you sleep at home) and travel costs. This way you can reduce your holiday budget. As a reward, you escape the daily traffic jams, the stresses of everyday life, because for you it is the holidays. In France, the home tourism project is booming and as a resident of the city, you benefit from certain discounts in restaurants, leisure centres, etc. These are savings that you make. Also, after this experience, you can boast of knowing the city like the back of your hand.

Tips for undertaking home-based tourism

Take a curious look at your city, learning about the sites, tours, and events to see there. You need to budget to indulge yourself, taking into account restaurants, sightseeing, bars...Act as if you were a foreigner in your city, looking for novelties and through unusual outings.